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My latest CV is available here.

I am a researcher, educator, designer, project manager, facilitator, and critic. I am interested in working on anti-oppression efforts and collective liberation through social and mobile technologies, organizational structures, and sociotechnical processes.

I have a PhD from the Digital Media program in the College of Literature, Media, and Communication under the Ivan Allen College at Georgia Tech. My dissertation is titled "Prefigurative Design as an Alternate Model for Civic Engagement." I use design research to suggest alternative sociopolitical frameworks for more just technology design, focusing specifically on anarchism as a mode of direct democracy.

My research experience includes design workshops, housing justice activists, bike advocates, Facebook, city planners, animated gifs, neighborhood elders, student organizers, smartphones, pipe cleaners, protests, sit-ins, bike rides, and videogames.

> Work
Selected Publications:
  • Currently working on: Our Muslim Voices.
  • Atlanta Community Engagment Playbook. [1] the online playbook, [2] Atlanta Studies coverage.
  • Cycle Atlanta. [1] interactive map (note: slow to load), [2] City of Atlanta study plan.
Book Chapters:
  • Advocating Through Data: Community Visibilities in Crowdsourced Cycling Data. In Bicycle Justice and Urban Transformation: Biking For All? [PDF]
  • Designing From Margin to Center: Creating an Inclusive Space for Different Games. With Sarah Schoemann. In Diversifying Barbie and Mortal Kombat. [PDF]
  • LMC 3710: Principles of Interaction Design [PDF].
  • LMC 2400: Introduction to Media Studies [PDF].
  • LMC 2720: Principles of Visual Design (forthcoming)
Public talks:
  • Dissertation presentation: Prefigurative Design for Civic Engagement, GT 2019. [mp4]
  • Creating a Sociotechnical API, CHI 2017. [YouTube]
  • Illegitimate Civic Participation, UW 2015. [YouTube]
  • The Labors of Inclusivity, AlterConf 2015. With Sarah Schoemann.[YouTube]
  • Game Festivals Around the World, FreePlay 2015. With Sarah Schoemann. [YouTube]
  • Techno-Utopias, Discrit: Season One, Murmur, 2018. Curated readings and artifacts for group discussion. [PDF]
  • Sculpting reality from our dreams: prefigurative design for civic engagement [PDF]
  • Making it difficult: modernist poetry as applied to game design analysis [PDF]
> Play
  • On the importance of Propagandhi. Podcast with Shady Kimzey. [wav]
  • Cities as Data. Podcast with Thomas Lodato. [audio]
> Contact
Feel free to email me at notmiriam[dot]asad[@]gmail.com. I am currently unavailable for contract work, but contact me for future availabilities.
I tweet sometimes: [@]mariamnotmiriam.